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6th Interdisciplinary International Conference on

RISK Information Management,
Risk Models
and Applications

Berlin, Germany, May 26-27,  2020


This international interdisciplinary Conference on Risk Information Management, Risk Models, and Applications  will enable sharing of best operational practices as well as giving space for discussing methodological problems in risk modeling from the information systems point of view, especially for all phases of the disaster cycle.

While considering not only data collection and storage, RIMMA discussions comprize the full information management cycle, especially aiming at turning data into decisions, workflows and actions, and finally providing management with appropriate retrospective event evaluation based on complex documentation.

The scope of the conference is oriented according to the text of the UN DRR Sendai Framework UN DRR Sendai Framework .

The following areas will be of interest for the conference: 
  • risk information management, risk information models

  • risk databases, risk information cross-organizational interoperability, standards development, testbeds

  • cross-domain / cross-program coherence and accountability

  • risk information processes modelling and applications,
    services and service composition

  • common operational picture, digital situational awareness,
    cross-organizational management, command and control

  • logistics in support of situations

  • risk information system structure, components

  • cross-disciplinary risk-related information systems with regard to other UN Instruments requirements (conventions, programs, declarations, etc.)  
  • risk and multi-risk cartographic issues

  • risk and risk-model change in time and space, thresholds definition and consequences
  • risk modeling issues for infrastructure (e.g. factories, railways, highways, pipelines, maritime traffic etc.)

  • disaster management and emergency preparedness, prevention, alert, response and mitigation

  • data processing related to risk management issues with special regard to information system structural aspects and Risk Model Methodology and implementation

  • documentation, archiving, and open access to risk and disaster information
  • CBRN-E risks issues for critical infrastructures, citizens, and the environment risks issues for humans, and the environment

  • risk communication
    (decisionmaking, actors, public awareness etc.)

  • urban / smart city  resilience, risk information and mapping
  • user-group specific risk management issues

According to the CODATA principles of the broadest interdisciplinary discourse in the domain of Data for Science and Technology, contributions are expected from different fields of the science communities, developers and practitioners to exchange best practices and initiate recommendations for future research and development

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UN DRR Sendai Framework UN DRR Sendai Framework

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Notice of Acceptance 2020-02-27
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Strategy Report 2019
"Challenges in Operational
Risk Information Management"

Challenges in Operational Risk Information Management

Strategic Report 2019


Contact Conference Series Chair
Horst Kremers

Contact Co-Chairs
Frank Fuchs-Kittowski
Victoria Bakhtina         
Alberto Susini              

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RIMMA chair Horst Kremers

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